one more to go (Kadcyla)

I went in to my chemo yesterday, complaining that I was going to run away. The physician aide said that once when Dr. McKeen’s patient refused to come in, she sent the police after her. (Wouldn’t be my first time being hauled off by the police.)

That must have been why Dr. McKeen called this morning saying that if I do one more treatment, that will be 6 months that I’ve been on Kadcyla, and if my markers are still down and my scans continue to look good, I can go back to a Herceptin-only treatment plan. I can always go back to the Kadcyla if/when my body shows progression.

Whew. Balancing powerful drugs with a quality of life is tricky. But this makes sense to me. I’m not a “poison me until you cure me” kind of person. I know that my disease cannot be cured, and when everything looks good, I want to grab it and run with it. It seems to me that my body is crying for a break now, a chance to heal from the drug treatment!

So … I’m planning my getaway! For now we are planning to head to NYC/Ct area to visit family, head up to the Maine coast and Acadia National Park, Quebec City for something different and a recommended French restaurant, and then down the western NY State to visit more family.

I’m tired of being sick and tired!


7 thoughts on “one more to go (Kadcyla)

  1. Beth, if you go to Quebec City, let me know. It is only about 2 hours or so from where I live. We could meet for a special dinner. My favourite restaurant there is Cafe de Paris not far from the Chateau Frontenac. But there are soooooooo many fine restaurants in Quebec City. Which one is the one where you would like to dine? I could bring along my “short list” of paintings for the show in November.

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      1. Sounds good. The more advance time, the better because my cat Bogart is, hopefully temporarily, on insulin twice a day and I will have to find a way to have him treated in my absence.


      2. Barbara, it looks like sometime in early-mid June. I think we have someone here to take care of Jubilee so she won’t be coming. We could even come to Montreal, possibly. Looking forward to meeting you and H&B in person and seeing more of your astounding art. Stay tuned. This will be very fun.


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