This is an experiment. Another experiment. (I have a lot of blogs, some better than others.)

This experiment is about (again) finding a way to talk about my medical situation. It’s confusing even to me, so I’m never sure how to speak of it with others. I don’t know quite what to say or how to say it.

This is a way to find my way.

I don’t plan on putting much effort into the design of this blog. (I do that professionally with other peoples’ sites.) But I will probably add favorite photos that I’ve taken from here & there.

I’m sure that I’ll find a way to talk about more than my medical situation, but don’t know at all where I’m going.

Note: All photos used in this blog are my own. Please do not use without permission.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hugo Rahner, the brother of another famous theologian, wrote a short book on God and man playing. I heard about it in a tape by Thomas Merton. It is an interesting concept and one that I intuited. I have found that there are numerous analogies that help me “hold” reality intellectually. But, the whole of the thing eludes me. The whole of my psyche, in fact, eludes me and the hopelessness of the attempts to figure it out pushes me toward agnosticism and exhaustion. The “play” simply tires me out and sends me home to sleep. My constructions are like Lego buildings, little Towers of Babel. They collapse. Maybe I need to play cowboy or space cadet or go ride my bike.

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    1. I agree. Play distracts we from too much intellectualization. I sit on the deck with the dog and watch her chase dragon flies and wasps; I read brain candy books–mysteries; and I work with my hands. These thing free me.

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